28 January 2006

Horde Prime?

The mysterious yet always threatening leader of the Evil Horde, Horde Prime, was given a variety of descriptive interpretations by different writers during the She-Ra series. The only thing the audience ever got to see was his giant robotic hand that would usually come crashing down next to Hordak when verbally destroying the villain! The UK Masters of the Universe comic decided to tackle the subject of what Horde Prime should look like. When looking at their interpretation I'm of the opinion that they should not have even considered the subject!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Chris M said...


Eugh...what a horrible picture and it spoils the mystery of Horde Prime. I liked the fact we only see a metal hand like in A Christmas Special...this is as bad as in Dungeons and Dragons when we see in the Masters face in Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn I think it is?

Skelepimp said...


Yeah. He looks like a big dork!

Ha Ha Ha!

Razz-Bel said...

It looks like NA's Flogg with a red helmet and shoulder pads. That sucks mucho big time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Razz-bel, that's exactly what I thought!
He is a spitting image of Flogg!

Anonymous said...

"Now, THAT is funny!" ~As Hordak once said! :)

After reading Loo-Kee's fun facts on the She-Ra "Best of" DVD set, for the "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday" episode, Horde Prime would have looked even more ridiculous had he actually sported the Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, and had this actual version of the villain been used in the series! LOL :)

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Unknown said...

As a kid when I saw Horde Prime in the MOTU comic that was published in Finland (material gathered from US/UK/Germany) it was interesting to see what Horde Prime looked like.
Though I remember Filmation described him with two heads. Wonder how the UK artists would have interpreted that, had they been utilizing cartoon-materials.

Daniel Quintero said...

When i first saw this guy (was of course in this blog) y though it was a weird looking character... now 7 years later, mattel is releasing a figure based on it... wich is AMAZING!! Thanks for keeping the brand alive with this blog!

Geret said...

I agree... I liked the mystery of Horde Prime. It's like knowing what Charlie looks like from Charlie's Angels or something.

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