19 February 2006

Jukka and Mike Bock take on Faker!

Visitors to this Blog took up the challenge and colored the Faker coloring book image...I think you'll agree that these are both awesome! :)

Jukka Issakainen

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

Mike Bock

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Katy Cartee (Rainbow Brite) said...

Wicked good jobs everybody!!! I'm impressed!

Skelepimp said...

Nice work, dudes!

Now, I gotta do a Faker pic.

and it's Busta's fault.

This Blog has fakerized me!!!

Mike Bock said...

Thanks for posting them James!!
Jukka I love your colors man awesome stuff as usual!

Chris M said...


Awesome pictures guys, the complete antithesis of mine in every way :)

Chris M

ToonJukka said...

A blast from the past if I say so myself. Thank you for featuring this colored artwork. I remember I got some really nice comments back in the day about it and it lead to wicked coloring works as well. ;)

LJM said...

Both great but I just love the shading on the first one, and the lightning around the sword really takes it up a level!

joseephus said...

Jukka and Mike Bock did an awesome job coloring Faker. It is great to see what can be done to those vintage coloring book pages these days.

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