07 February 2006

Snake Mountain: Explained!

Issue twenty-two of the UK Masters of the Universe comic attempted to solve one of the great He-Man mysteries: Why did Snake Mountain differ between the toy playset and the cartoon?

The Secret Files of Scrollos claimed that the first Snake Mountain design (the cartoon one) did not offer enough protection, prompting Skeletor to build the one that resembled the toy playset. Below is an image of the two comic panels (which originally appeared on separate pages). The UK comic also addressed why there were two different versions of the Fright Zone. But that is another post for another time! :)

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Pig Boy said...

Cdreit where credit is dude, the UK writers tried their best to rationalise the inconsistencies. The Royal Palace is another good one.

Chris M said...


Wow, a very interesting piece of information...thanks James :)

The second Snake Mountain looks very cool :)

(Don't suppose there are any interesting little known facts on Plundor???.....Thought not :)

Jukka said...

I've never heard that explanation, eventhough I tried keeping up with all possible "Scrollos - Files" ;)

I can understand their reasoning from going from cartoon to toy design wise, because the toy looks in that picture more elaborant.

But it still doesn't detach from absolutely hating the Snake Mountain toyset. I would have killed to get the set as a cartoon-replica back in the day.

Mike Bock said...

This is totally new to me and I have to thank you James for providing this info.

I love the UK comics, they have stuff that can't be matched by anything.

Thank you and I hope to read more stuff like this my friend.

Kevin Martinell said...

The illustrations in this comic appear to be very accurate to both the cartoon and the toy versions of Snake Mountain ... I'll bet somebody involved in that comic followed both the cartoon and the toyline very closely and was waiting to do a storyline on both versions of Skeletor's Lair! :)

As much as I enjoyed owning the playset, back in the day (The microphone was the best!), Snake Mountain wouldn't have looked as creepy if the playset version were to make the conversion to the cartoon ... That monster-like face, on the front of the mountain, looked just too comical for the series! :)

In addition, I have to agree with something James once said about the way Snake Mountain was portrayed in the cartoon ... It had various entrances between the different episodes. In "The Region of Ice" and "Teela's Trial," the mouth appeared to be the only entrance, while there was a back entrance behind the blood falls in both "Prince Adam No More" and "Golden Disks of Knowledge." Of course, there were even more secret ways into Snake Mountain, as seen in "To Save Skeletor" and "No Job Too Small!"

One more thing ... I also get a kick out of how Snake Mountain was built by either Skeletor or Hordak, yet there were some "secret" items of importance hidden within the mountain, like the Sword of the Ancients (from "Masks of Power"), the Golden Disks of Knowledge, and the Mirror of Morivad (from "Double Trouble")!

One could write a novel on the history of Snake Mountain ... There were so many different descriptions and tales about it! :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

ToonJukka said...

Now that you mention it, I would be very, very interested in hearing how UK Comics explained The Fright Zone.

Was it something like the playset was only thing existing in Eternia while the cartoon-version was in Etheria? (remember something Eamon "PigBoy" mentioned long time ago)

Daniel Quintero said...

i never had the Playset when i was a child, but i remember the minicomic "Siege of Avion" and found fascinating the Weird snake mountain... this clarifies a lot for me!!

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