10 March 2006

50th Blog Entry! :)

It seems odd, but already here we are with the landmark 50th Blog Entry! :) - I'm hoping that all you who come to visit on a near-daily basis enjoy have enjoyed this Blog thus far, and maybe at times have learnt something new about the He-Man and She-Ra! A big THANK YOU to those who have posted comments, and to those who have yet to post comments, BRING IT ON! :)

So let's take a quick glance over the previous forty-nine posts...

01 - Welcome...
02 - Snoopy and a Smurf?
03 - Mer-Man = Drama?
04 - Witnesses!
05 - Emiliano's Princess of 1999!
06 - Orko's refreshingly original spell!
07 - Deciphering Orko's spell...
08 - Road Rage!
09 - He-Man rides into battle...
10 - Cat got your tongue?
11 - How does a lion find...
12 - The evil warlord from ancient times.
13 - Road Rage (again)!
14 - She-Wha?!
15 - Santalucia's Blog!
16 - Even when I'm right, I'm wrong!
17 - Horde Prime?
18 - Scorpia's UK cameo...
19 - August 28th 1986! :)
20 - This is most unsettling.
21 - Anime Glimmer!
22 - The cowardly cat's point of view.
23 - He knows what to do!
24 - Teela...in pink?
25 - Snake Mountain: Explained!
26 - Poisonous?
27 - What was Faker?
28 - Faker "corrected" model sheet!
29 - Man-E-Faces: Unmasked!
30 - The Sorceress?!
31 - Happy Valentine's Day! :)
32 - Evil Robotic He-Man Imposter!
33 - Panthor's armor?
34 - Evil Robotic He-Man Imposter (again)!
35 - Jukka and Mike Bock take on Faker!
36 - 21 years ago to this very day...
37 - Icer's "roar."
38 - The Sword of Power?
39 - The other side of the mountain...
40 - Spikor poses!
41 - Yeeowww!
42 - This kitten has claws...
43 - Thick-Skull!
44 - Seven, Eight, Nine...
45 - Evil-Lyn's origins...
46 - Hourglass Guardian.
47 - Light Spinner?
48 - Dark Hope?
49 - Commentary Time!


Chris M said...


Well I have learned alot of interesting piece's of info from your blog James and I sincerely hope that it is round for years to come :)

Chris M

fallen eldor said...

This is my #1 stop everyday James. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats James, this is a GREAT blog, I really like it and do visit everyday. Thanks for all the great information! Keep it coming!

Kevin Martinell said...

Well, it's October 2006, and I thought I'd go back and add a little something to the "50th Blog Entry," which I hadn't posted any comments under, until now!

When I read your very first Blog entry, from January 1 2006, I was pleased to find that you aim to display some wallpapers from the series ... I think some great examples would be if you were to assemble the most noteworthy shots and scenes from episodes like "Teela's Quest," "The Problem With Power," "Flowers For Hordak," and "Sweet Bee's Home," just to name a few examples. I hope this is a helpful idea. :)

As of late, you've assembled some of the most memorable panning shots in the He-Man and She-Ra series, and did it to perfection! Just had to mention that in addition to all of the amazing facts and features you've featured on this Blog, James! :)

Like I've said before, best wishes and keep the hits a comin'! Peace, and God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

ToonJukka said...

These "catch-it-all" posts are great. Really easy way to look at your blog-posts in a list with titles only to entice one for clicking an entry or three.
Though totally understandable there was a limit to how many lists you could make. ;)

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