09 March 2006

Commentary Time!

Yesterday Dave "Dagar" Newman and I had the pleasure of performing the Fan Commentaries for the UK He-Man and the Masters of the Universe DVDs Volumes 7, 8 AND 9! Can you guess what episodes we chose to wax lyrical on? Just kidding, I'm not going to be that conceited! Here's the six episodes we chose:

Volume Seven
MU040 - "House of Shokoti" Part 1
MU041 - "House of Shokoti" Part 2

Volume Eight
MU047 - "Keeper of the Ancient Ruins"
MU050 - "Temple of The Sun"

Volume Nine
MU054 - "Game Plan"
MU059 - "The Witch and The Warrior"

If I can I'll post an audio clip from one of the above episodes in the next few days!


Dave said...

To other readers: If an extra bit of commentary makes the final cut of "The Witch and The Warrior", I had nothing to do with it - bop-bop-badda-bop!

Jukka said...

Awesome guys! :)

I look forward to those audio-commentaries when I acquire the UK-DVDs.

Chris M said...


Okay so this is awesome news and I am very happy your guys commentaries are returning as they are the main reasons for me to continue to get the UK releases. One thing though, now I have been happy with the past 12 commentaries you have performed as you got the right eps. This time though I am slightly perplexed by your choices.

House of Shokoti Prts 1 and 2 are a given. But Temple of the Sun and Keeper of the Ancient Ruins?????? I love these eps but I would of thought Eternal Darkness and The Mystery of Man-E-Faces would have been chosen.

And for Volume 9......okay yeah The Witch and the Warrior but Game Plan....again I love the ep, very strange ep with a very nice piece of animation but choosing it over Return of Granamyr?

I know you have your reasons and I do trust you two, but no doubt until I hear them I am going to be slightly confused :)

Chris M

Katy Cartee (Rainbow Brite) said...

Now when are they going to start puttings these on the American DVDs?? *hmph*

Very kewl though. Hope i get to hear them one of these days. Maybe you can bring them with you to the San Diego con?? :D

Dave said...

Chris - "Temple of The Sun" and "The Witch and The Warrior" were last-minute replacements for "The Region of Ice" and "Castle of Heroes". True, there's something to be said for "The Mystery of Man-E-Faces" and "Eternal Darkness", but sometimes the less obvious choices have been the best ones, e.g. volume 3. We picked two crappy episodes, but the commentaries were the best ones we ever did.

"The Return of Granamyr" probably would've been my choice for the other episode to do on volume 9, but I deferred to James' choice of "Game Plan". I don't actually like the episode, but hopefully the commentary will be entertaining.

James - Off-topic, I found this link to an interview with Jina Bacarr about MASK, first ever online interview I've found about the show: http://membres.lycos.fr/jaspion/maskinterview1.html

David Monid said...

I didn't know Dave's middle name was 'Dagar'. :D

Ah hopefully one of these days I'll be doing a commentery on something. ;)

Vinto-Man said...

I remember you telling me that you had to do "The House of Shokoti" a few times as they lost the recording on you if memory serves! These commentaries are fantastic and thrilled that we now do them too!

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