14 March 2006


What prompts Flogg in "The Heat" to have the most wide-eyed look of uncertainty in the entire series of The New Adventures of He-Man?

For your listening pleasure, Skeletor explaining what they won't do upon first arriving on Primus!


dean irvine said...

bloody brilliant. i've only seen a few of the NA and it sounds superb. reminds me of that famous simpsons bit

"no tv and no beer make homer something something"

"go crazy"

"dont mind if i do"


Chris M said...



That was really funny, I can't wait to see these on dvd :)

Chris M

Dave said...

You know what scares me? There'll be some people out there who won't know who Flogg is, what his voice sounds like, or get any of what he and Skeletor are talking about or the joke at all. :(

Things like this keep me up at night and contribute to my hair falling out. Such is life. :(

WM said...

Possibly my favourite comedy moment in the series, its one the many series why NA Skeletor is my favourite version of ol Skelly.
And I believe this scenes from 'Attack on Onnor' Busta, rather than 'The Heat' :)

Mike Bock said...

Hilarious!!! LOL LOL LOL
Skeletor rocks!!

ToonJukka said...

NA Skeletor is awesome.
LOL This clip was fantastic! There is lot of humor injected in NA-series and I feel it might at times work better were the characters not called Skeletor or He-Man. :D

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