28 March 2006

Peephole Mutants!

Ever wondered what the Mutants from The New Adventures of He-Man would look like through a peephole? Didn't think so! But in any case the Public Service Announcement at the end of "The Bride of Slushhead" features two of the scientists, Alcon and Gepple, informing viewers never to open the door unless they know who is on the other side.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Chris M said...


LOL thats looks pretty funny, but its a great moral to include :)

Unknown said...

Now that you mention it, yes I have wondered how the Evil Mutants from New Adventures would look like through a peephole! LOL!

The fish-eye perspective is not an easy thing to accomplish, but this screen-grab does look pretty nifty.

David Monid said...

You just have to laugh at the Mutants' expressions in this picture, I particulary like Quakke's. :D

I guess it's also amusing how the scientists, despite their intelligence often act like children from time to time, especially during these moral segments. :D

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