23 March 2006

Sunset on Eternia.

Here I've assembled a nice panning shot from "The Problem With Power" with He-Man carrying the slightly delicate Teela into the sunset in one of the most memorable endings to an episode. The interesting thing to see with the background is how it is painted at the far right to look like a generic sky panning shot, only to have the brush strokes altered quite noticeably to mark the beginning of the sunset. A truly beautiful image from the artists at Filmation.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Jukka said...

Oh My Gosh, James!

I really like how Teela looks against that backdrop.

"She's Magnificent!" as She-Ra would claim. ;)

...though I have to say, that I'm almost getting misty-eyed here, because I can still remember our conversation around Oct.2000 when I had made couple pan-shots of Adam and He-Man holding the sword in the air with moons from "ITA" and "PWP" behind them, and how you promised back then, that ONE day you'd make a proper pan-shot from this sunset-backdrop.

Here's looking at ya, kid! :)

Mike Bock said...

Beautiful indeed!! One of the best endings in my opinion.

Sweet pic you put here James!

Skelepimp said...


That is true Art.

Kevin Martinell said...

This episode features some of the best visual detail ever displayed in the He-Man and She-Ra series, also including the animation and shadowing from the scene of He-Man/Adam atop Castle Grayskull!

Some "Pokemon" episodes included amazing sunset settings, but this one is by far the most impressive I've seen in an animated series.

Time to start a chant:
"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss..."

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Martn Olivero said...

This image is an incredible work of art and emotion ... has a very good transition from day into evening. And I'm happy to see Teela in the arms of He-man. It is an unforgettable image. That's truly good that you put in the blog James!

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