25 September 2006

Adora's hand?

In the She-Ra season one episode "Battle For Bright Moon" Adora is taken from the Royal Palace by Hordak, Skeletor and the Evil Warriors. Shortly after Hordak is betrayed by his former pupil Skeletor, Adora feigns passing out whilst held by Beast Man and Tri-Klops. Bear in mind this was Tri-Klops' final animated appearance, but I am sure he will remember his final appearance with happiness; just look at where Adora's left hand is positioned!


Grimbot said...


Mosquitor said...

I see Adora is just as perverted as her brother! (Recalling the shot of He-Man and Valtera in "The Sleepers Awaken")

Kevin Martinell said...

Yes, I was thinking the very same thing, Mosquitor! :)

A shame that by looking at Tri-Klops' deadpan expression, he seemed to show no reaction to this at all! :)

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Damjan Visnjic said...

aren't these early episodes actually scenes from "Secret Of The Sword" movie?

ToonJukka said...

Damjan: Yeah the first five episodes of She-Ra were edited into the movie-version of "SOTS". :)

LOL at Aidan's comment of He-Man being just as perverted.

This image is something I propably would have missed, so I guess I have to thank you for pointing it out, James!

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