30 October 2006

The nameless King!

November is going to be a slightly crazy time for this Blog. My aim is to publish TWO POSTS PER DAY!

One of the greatest unanswered questions in the entire He-Man and She-Ra mythos occurs in the season two He-Man episode "Things That Go Bump in the Night." What, I hear you ask, is the name of the King of Sallasia, father of the cowardly Prince Glitch? Well, it is King Sallas. Okay, so I know that was not one of the greatest unanswered questions in the entire He-Man and She-Ra mythos, but I had to somewhat glamorize that fact!


Kevin Martinell said...

One of the original looking characters of the series ... This fellow means business when he approaches Skeletor, looking for his son. King Sallas has Skeletor worried for a bit as the king demands to know where his son is! On most occasions, Skeletor doesn't feel threatened by anyone else, so this scenario turned out quite amusing!

Thanks for the info. on the name of the King, James. :)

By the way, 2 posts per day sounds pretty good ... Maybe one on He-Man and another on She-Ra on some days, and on others one on "New Adventures" and another on comic book or story book artwork ... Just and idea. :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Mosquitor said...

You really think that is one of the greatest unanswered questions of MOTU? You 'deceitful blaggard'. LOL :)

ToonJukka said...

Yes. More of these "unanswered questions"! I highly enjoy even the smallest of them, when it comes to the Filmation cartoon.

Thank you for sharing this, James!
Keep up the great work!

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