11 October 2006

Trap Jaw with a gun?

The Secret Files of Scrollos appeared once again in issue eighteen of the UK Masters of the Universe comic. In the image below which highlights the character of Man-E-Faces you can see Trap Jaw shooting at the hero, but not with the arm that we would expect him to. I question the reasoning behind Trap Jaw carrying an actual laser gun, when one of his more familiar arm attachments is his Lasatron!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Mike Bock said...

The wizard of weapons without his lasertron attachment? Yeah that's pretty weird.
But on the other hand he may have extra weapons in case of emergencies. After all Trapjaw had trouble sometimes attaching his weapons. So maybe he decided to carry a gun just in case.

Kevin Martinell said...

Maybe Trap-Jaw misplaced his Lasertron arm attachment back at Snake Mountain and couldn't find it, so he had to grab a nearby laser gun?! :)

This image reminds me of the one scene from "Eye Of The Beholder" when Tri-Klops, along with Beast-Man, is armed with a paralyzer ray gun. We've seen in "Ordeal In The Darklands" that Tri-Klops can shoot laser beams from his eyes, so why bother carrying the weapon? It was probably another continuity issue that was let go.

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
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ToonJukka said...

While I don't know why Trap-Jaw has an actual gun that he is using with his human-hand, it does make a great visual look of this evil warrior with a claw for one hand AS WELL as using a gun against the heroes.

Maybe the artist didn't know all the attachment-options Trap-Jaw had, and went with claw for this reason?

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