28 October 2006

Video Clips Question!

Today I'm just following up Wednesday's post about video clips on this Blog. Feedback was not what I had hoped for, so I have created a poll for everyone please vote! All it takes is the click of a button!

Like I said if I get a lot of positive feedback then I will put a video clip up throughout the month of November! :)


Eric Donelson said...

Hey James,

Just wanted to chime in regarding the video clips,especially since you seem to have gotten a limited response on the issue. Back in the early days of the'net Video-clips (Or "little movies" as one of my friends charmingly calls them) were VERY appealing because many users no longer had access to TV shows and whatnot from our childhood, and of course on dial-up it was an impossible dream to see a whole episode. Short clips were a GREAT shot of nostolgia. However, now that DVDs are readily available (or will soon become so) for almost all of MOTU/NA/POP, it's a little redundant to post short clips of material your readers likely already have. I for one would rather you stick to fun obscure things (Like that awesome Trollan criminal design sheet), or continue bringing us commentary with your unique perspective on the property. Thanks for running such a great blog!

Nicholi said...

More cell shots! Lucky bastard! :P

Besides I can't stand the blurry R1 DVDs because of the PAL->NTSC conversion. You would be able to get really nice caps from the UK R2s....which as I recall...you have commentaries on don't you! n_n

ToonJukka said...

Whoops I guess I'm a bit late.

Though I actually do think that you should definitely post more polls on your blog! :)

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