07 November 2006

Appreciating Cringer.

I always thought that this scene from the season two He-Man episode "Battlecat" was often missed by a lot of people. The obvious attractions of this scene are the way in which Cringer is animated and the important dialogue exchange between Prince Adam and the Sorceress. But the way in which Adam is very much at ease and not taken by surprise has always stood out more to me, as it indicates that he is familiar with the Sorceress and that the two converse on a regular basis. The fact that the Sorceress had a presence in Adam's childhood shows that the guardian of Grayskull kept watch over the future He-Man for a long time. This begs the question: how old was he when he was introduced to the Sorceress?

Download the video clip!


Mosquitor said...

I always found it unusual how he knew The Sorceress already. I prefer the idea that he was introduced to her when he became He-Man, rather than knowing her throughout his childhood.

Zack (thezaxfactor) said...

Great choice! I just watched this episode for the first time earlier this evening. It definitely ranks among my favorite episodes. Excellent story, acting, direction, all of it. As for this little scene, I thought the same thing about Adam and the Sorceress. It made me wonder whether anyone (Adam's parents, Teela, Duncan) noticed that he was getting special attention from her.

Also, it not only begs the question of how old he was when he was introduced to her, but also of who introduced them. We clearly aren't given an answer, but if I were the Sorceress, I'd tell Duncan from the get-go that Adam was destined for something special, and have him introduce us. She and Duncan are already keeping two secrets (Teela and Adora), why not another?

On an unrelated note, great job guest hosting on Masters Cast, Busta! That was the most fun I've had listening to it since it started (don't tell Lioncourt!). You should definitely make more guest appearances.

Ale Muniek|@ said...

Well, hello, I'm Ale from Argentina and I don't speak english very well, i wanna tell you that i am a total fun of She-ra show and right now i'm bying the new dvds from usa 'cause here we don't have them, the blog is very cool!!!
Good luck!!

Kevin Martinell said...

Great capture of possibly the best known image from this episode on The Internet! :)

It would have been amusing if The Sorceress introduced herself to the young Prince Adam, during this particular scene ... Adam most likely would have had the same reaction to the image of The Sorceress as Cringer did! Of course, this would have taken up too much time in the episode, but I'm satisfied enough with the finished product.

To drift a little, this entry brought about a question of mine ... How come The Sorceress can communicate with He-Man via telepathy, but only through the jewel in the Sword of Protection with She-Ra?!

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

ToonJukka said...

This scene of Sorceress keeping an watch on Adam is something I really, really like when it comes to Filmation.

She is the omnipotent character in Adam's life so he knows about her and by the time Duncan takes him to Grayskull to receive the Power Sword, Adam is already familiar of the Sorceress.
The MYP version felt so very cold and harsh in tone, then what I had always envisioned for the moment of Sorceress giving Adam the sword and responsibility.

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