28 November 2006

Flogg's eyes.

In The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Dreadator" Skeletor delights in the forthcoming gladiatorial victory of Dreadator, but Flogg's shocked reaction at one of Skeletor's comments is very distracting! He is obviously supposed to give a wide-eyed expression, but the animators appear to exaggerate his eyes a little too much!


Martin said...

That always makes me laugh when I watch that scene, it looks like Flogg's eyes are going to jump out of his head!

ToonJukka said...

Hahaha wow!
Look at them eyes really exaggerated!

Flogg looks incredibly hilarius here!
Thanks for this screen-grab!

David Monid said...

I don't know what's worse, Skeletor's closed eyelids or Flugg's expressionless eyes.

It won't be easy to miss this scene in the episode, just keep an 'eye' out for it. :D I know that was terrible I'm sorry.

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