27 November 2006

Green Mantisaur?

I decided against writing yet another additional UK comic post, and instead present you with FOUR cartoon posts...

The Mantisaur was a toy released by Mattel that was an addition to the Evil Horde rank, and appeared to be very much alive, titled the Evil Insectoid Steed. Surprisingly in the She-Ra episode "A Talent for Trouble" the Mantisaur makes an appearance! However its design differed greatly from the toy. Instead of the Horde colors of red, grey and black, the Mantisaur bore all the greens of an actual Preying Mantis! The animated design of the Mantisaur is superb, but this, it's only appearance in the series, seems very much wasted!


Kevin Martinell said...

It did seem like the Mantisaur was alive, but since She-Ra shattered its claw, as she broke free from its grip, it would have looked brutal and gorey for the cartoon if the Mantisaur was a living creature, plus the Mantisaur had robotic features, anyway.

What I find hilarious about this scene is the odd yelling sound She-Ra makes after the Mantisaur captures her, and also when She-Ra kicks her legs about in midair!

Also, when I first saw this episode, back in the day, I used to think that after She-Ra kicked Hordak and the Mantisaur through the wall and into a mud pond, the mud pond had magical powers that transformed the Mantisaur into the frog that jumped off the top of Hordak's head as he states:
"I hate that woman!"
(I guess because both creatures were green!) :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

ToonJukka said...

Now that I have gotten a copy of "The Power and Honor Foundation's" Catalogue Volume 1, it's interesting to see that Mantisaur began with green colours. Always find it interesting when early concepts were printed in official medias.

Like Hordak's weapon in one Mini-Comic cover that only existed in concept-artworks but never as actual toy-weapon. ;)

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