27 November 2006

He-Man and Battle Cat to the rescue!

"Three on a Dare" is one of my favorite season two He-Man episodes. It features a fantastic cast of characters, a beautiful array of colors and many great exciting scenes, all of which give it a season one feel. The following action scene is one of the best moments of the episode. The way the scene is carried out is so over-the-top; He-Man and Battle Cat racing to Teela's rescue as the theme song plays. It captures the true essence of what makes He-Man such an entertaining and fun cartoon! The direction on this scene is impressive with Teela and the children are calling out He-Man's name, only for the scene to cut dramatically to He-Man leaping on Battle Cat's saddle as the theme tune kicks in! Enjoy!

Download the video clip!


Kevin Martinell said...

The final call of "He-Man," performed by Linda Gary, is so over-the-top, it's hilarious, and the voice sounds more like Teela's, than one of the children. :)

Excellent direction in the scene where Trap-Jaw drives the cage on wheels out of shot, followed by He-Man and Battlecat racing up to Trap-Jaw, as the villain and the cage on wheels moves back into shot!

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

ToonJukka said...

Love this scene! ESPECIALLY because of the moment when the theme tune kicks in!

There should have been more of these scenes of them utilizing the theme tune for heroics.

Plus always great to see the team-work of He-Man and Battle Cat, as He-Man stands up while riding BC. :)

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