01 November 2006

Skeletor transforms!

A very brave, bold, and somewhat surprising change occurred in the sixth episode of The New Adventures of He-Man. In the episode "Sword & Staff" writer Jack Olesker decided to introduce the latest toy incarnation of Skeletor, but he did so in an extremely clever way. When Skeletor locates a powerful crystal he is able to tap its energy and increase his own power, and suddenly for the first time we see Disks of Doom Skeletor! He would retain this look throughout the remainder of the series. My belief is that the move was made not to advertise the latest Skeletor toy, but because the design looked a lot more in keeping with the show's look than Skeletor's initial appearance.

Download the video clip!


Mike Bock said...

Awesome James Awesome!!

Thank you for this clip. Love Skeletor's little speech to himself in this scene.

Man I can't wait to see the entire episode.

Eric Donelson said...

I take back my previous comment! THIS is something I've always wanted to see, and with the NA releases still a while off, definitely worth downloading! Thanks!

Martin said...

I never get tired of watching this scene, it's one of my favourite moments from the whole series.
I think Skeletor's second outfit looks a lot better than his first, and I'm glad they decided to give him back the yellow skull. Awesome to see it in dvd quality too! :)

ToonJukka said...

Definitely one of the favourite moments in early NA episodes!
I got an edited VHS-tape of New Adventures from my finnish friend pH6 and seeing Skeletor go through the transformation was an awesome sight!

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