21 November 2006

Steady, boys.

Here is a silly little fight scene from the She-Ra episode "Troll's Dream" involving Bow and his rebel friends against Grox. What I like about this fight scene is not only the absurdity that Bow and his friends could overpower a Troll, but the way in which Bow directs his nameless comrades into battle. It almost feels like a drunken brawl outside a bar, especially with my Bow telling his boys to be "steady", my favorite line from the scene!

Download the video clip!


He-Fan said...

"...especially with my Bow telling his boys to be "steady"...

Is there something you're not telling us, James?! (j/k!) ;)

Kevin Martinell said...

Good reference at the end, James! :) Kowl's line is great, as he hides behind the tree, watching Grox break free from the restraints of Bow and his "boys":
"Oh my! This isn't going very well!" :)

The final shot in the video is great as MY Adora (j/k) demands to know what is going on! :) I've never seen her so angry in all of the She-Ra series, especially when it comes to the following conversation featuring Bow, Kowl, and Sprag:
"Listen, all of you! I gave an order, and if you don't like it, you can leave the Rebellion forever!"
I remember you featuring that sound clip from the Episode Review Website ... Fantastic dialogue!

Can't wait to see episodes like this one and "A Talent For Trouble" on the next She-Ra DVD set! By the way, thanks for mentioning the "YouTube" website ... I am able to watch all of the videos now, plus there was one hilarious video on there featuring Man-At-Arms stating, "I need the weed" ... Was that one of your creations, James? :) I remember that as one of your parody videos on the Episode Review Website! Would be a funny video to create for one of your upcoming Blog entries! Think about it. :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

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