15 November 2006

A Tataranowicz Transformation!

As many people will know Tom Tataranowicz is my favorite Filmation director and has been since my days of running the Episode Review Website alongside Zadoc Angell. This video clip from "Just Like Me" shows how Tom Tataranowicz could come up with something very creative that no other directors were thinking of. This sequence has Adora unsheathing her Sword of Protection as we have seen her do many times before, but this time instead of the brightly colored rainbow glitter coming from the sword, nothing happens. Instead we are treated to a large burst of energy, which fills the screen white and takes us perfectly into the next scene.

Download the video clip!


Mike Bock said...

Nice change!! Tom knew how to make the series more interesting visualy and this is one of many examples.

Thanks for the video clip buddy.

Kevin Martinell said...

Something original, and pretty neat. :) The burst of energy can be looked at in two different ways, one being that it comes from the Sword of Protection, and the other being a transitional effect between the two scenes!

Great episode for Modulok ... He proves to be more than a match for She-Ra, in this one! By the way, Adora's disappointed tone is great, at the beginning of this clip, as she states, "Very well. Have it your way. I'll find She-Ra!" :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

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