06 November 2006

Tuskador triumphs!

Tuskador was easily my least favorite character from The New Adventures of He-Man. I never liked the character design, and as the show progressed he appeared to receive less and less development. In this scene from "The Galactic Guardians" we see how he was recruited into the band of heroes that defend Primus from the Mutants. I believe that this scene is the only time to truly display Tuskador's usefulness in a combat situation. Plus this fight has some moments of very good animation!

Download the video clip!


Martin said...

I agree with you there Busta, I was never a fan of Tuskador's character design, and I didn't think he was really a very interesting character. I did like his gruff sounding voice, but he didn't speak that often!

Mike Bock said...

I agree that Tuskador isn't the best looking warrior but this clip made him look cool.

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