17 November 2006

Weekend Away #14 - But I'm a man!

Here is an image of Bow from the memorable season one She-Ra episode "The Laughing Dragon." I will let the image speak for itself, and allow you draw your own conclusions...


Kevin Martinell said...

This whole scene is one gigantic belly-laugh! Adora wants to transform into She-Ra, upon seeing Sorrowful ... Bow grabs Adora by the arm, instead, and attempts to rescue her, followed by Adora demanding Bow let her go ... They take shelter inside a round-shaped cottage, which is accidentally knocked into the air by Sorrowful's tail ... Bow goes to the door, while in midair, then runs back inside, after he realizes where he is ... The cottage crashes onto a haystack, and all inside are miraculously unharmed and still alive! Adora sports a cooking pot on her head and somehow a dress wound up on Bow, during the fall ... Plus, Bow didn't realize that he was wearing a dress until Sorrowful pointed it out! The conversation is so silly and classic, at the same time:

Bow: "You can speak?"

Sorrowful: "So can you!"

Bow: "But I'm a man!"

Sorrowful gives a bashful wave... :)

The Orko-esque music that accompanies this scene adds the perfect comical touch to this scenario, too!

Thanks for reminding all fans who enjoyed this episode how hilarious this scene was, Busta. :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Simon said...

I had always suspected that Bow was a bit gay, wearing a large red heart on his chest and hanging out with a gang of girl-power rebels. It made perfect sense! ;-)

Daniel Quintero said...

Everything looks better in Drag... Hehehehehe!!!

It's an awesome image that i could only found in this awesome blog that has reached (in Jan 2012) +1250 posts!!

ToonJukka said...

This screengrab-image is worth a thousand words and then some!!

When you've seen Bow in a dress, it's hard to get out of your mind. Blast you!

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