06 December 2006

Beast Man's foot!

In the He-Man season two episode "Visitors From Earth" we see a hilarious piece of animation featuring Beast Man dropping a boulder on his foot! In these three extreme frames of animation you can see just how beautiful this sequence is. I personally think that this is yet another example that on many an occasion the Filmation animation department would throw the stock footage system and model guides out of the window in order to express beautiful, expressive and comical animation!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Anonymous said...

These are the three beast, I mean, BEST shots of this animation featuring Beast-Man in agony! I'm so glad you did a post on this scene, James. :) I also remember seeing a snippet of it on one of the documentary discs on the DVD set. :)

Looks like something out of a Disney cartoon, and this one-time animation is truly classic ... It wouldn't be as funny if this bit of animation were used again and again in the series, so it's a treat that this footage is one-of-a-kind. :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Unknown said...

Wow! The middle screengrab looks phenomenal!

Thank you for sharing these. Filmation animators hopefully had lot of fun with this scene!

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