16 December 2006

Christmas Week(s) - "The Secret of the Scroll" #1

Welcome to The He-Man and She-Ra Blog's first Theme Week(s)! In the days of the Episode Review Website Zadoc Angell and I would always create theme weeks that showcased several He-Man and She-Ra episode reviews with common concepts or threads. Our website's first ever theme on December 24th 1997 was based around Christmas, so it only seems appropriate that this Blog's first theme week reflects Christmas!

Until the New Year I will be featuring many Blog entries dedicated to those snowy, icy, and generally chilly moments from both He-Man and She-Ra, and the occasions where the Eternians and Etherians would acknowledge the holiday season! Like Prince Adam said, "Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but the spirit of the Christmas season is within us all!"


And here is the first Christmas Blog post for your enjoyment! Below you can read the first four pages of "The Secret of the Scroll" from issue nine of the UK Princess of Power comic. Pages five to eight will follow. Enjoy this wintry She-Ra story!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

James, the Christmas/Holiday banner is magnificent! Love the humor, and I recognize that adorable image of Teela first seen in "The Cosmic Comet," when she says to Orko, "Orko, I could kiss you," to which Orko replies, "Please do!" :)

Here are some favorites of mine, from each of the panels of the comic featured right here:

Page 1: The colors of the outer space shot are brilliant and remind me of the panning outer space shot we get near the end of She-Ra's "For Want Of A Horse," during the scene where Horde Prime "thanks" Hordak for his birthday present! :)
Also, it's nice that She-Ra calls Swiftwind by the nickname, "Swifty," as she often does in the cartoon. :)

Page 2: What a treat! We get to see the street market from He-Man's "The Royal Cousin" and a few Season 2 episodes! :)
I also like the way She-Ra looks towards the audience, when she talks about the bridge between the two worlds ... This reminds me of the one scene in "Huntara," where She-Ra gets ready to free Glimmer but thinks to herself that it's a trap, as she turns to face the audience. :)

Page 3: Man-At-Arms' expression is classic as Prince Adam tells Adora that Man-At-Arms will make excuses as to why they both had to leave! :)

Page 4: One of Skeletor's most hilarious insults, referring to She-Ra:
"Female Copy Cat!" LOL :)

Thanks for posting and reading, Season's Greetings, and God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Chris M said...

Hey James

Just wasnted to say fantastic looking theme. It looks really welcoming and well Christmassey.

Thanks for the great reading you have provided.

ToonJukka said...

You really should post more THEMED stuff on the Blog! Christmas is coming again soon! ;)

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