21 May 2007

Hordak's Monstrous Slave!

One of the most underrated Masters of the Universe minicomics is the Jim Mitchell penciled and Bruce Timm inked "Escape from the Slime Pit!" This one page showcases the heavily rendered style that both artist and inker developed for this particular comic. This style works perfectly for such a dark story in which He-Man becomes Hordak's mindless slave and goes on the rampage! The Slime Pit was given very few stories throughout the various Masters of the Universe canons, but this minicomic is without a doubt the best use of the Mattel toy!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

All the colors of the rainbow are captured in this panel! He-Man reminds me of The Incredible Hulk, here! I remembered this comic from childhood, and when I saw the "He-Man Mutant" episode, from the New Adventures series, it reminded me of this story.

Surprisingly, we get to see a version of the Slime Pit in the Season 2 She-Ra episode, "Loo Kee's Sweety!" Another outstanding and powerful illustration!

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Jay Firestorm said...

I have all of the mini-comics, but I confess to not having read this one for many years - I was never really into the whole Horde (or Snake Men) thing. But it does look good, maybe I'll have to dig it out.

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