15 June 2007

Entrapta versus Imp!

THREE videos today! :)

Here is a beautifully animated scene from the She-Ra season two episode "Romeo And Glimmer" featuring Entrapta and Imp squaring off against one another! Credit for animation like this appearing in Filmation show has to be given to Tom Tataranowicz who constantly pushed the boundaries at Filmation and would often do as much as possible with the stock system. The way Imp is animated attacking Entrapta as a pair of scissors is simply amazing!

Download the video clip!


2-bad said...

This is definitly one of the best scenes in the She-ra series. I've never actually seen this ep but it looks terrific. Thanks for sharing James.

GrtEternal said...

Hey Busta,

Just wondering. Wasn't there a scene that's quite similar to this but it has Octavia versus Imp???


Kevin Martinell said...

After watching this episode for the very first time, thanks to the Season 2 DVD set of "She-Ra," I really got a kick out of this scene ... The unruly sound effects that accompany the animation are just wild! Also amusing to see Hordak shoot a laser beam from his eye! Finally, I just love Entrapta's whining remark:
"But HE started it!" :)
Her sinister glare, at the end of the scene, is priceless, as well!

Enjoyable episode, entertaining scene! :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

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