03 August 2009

Oxygen masks.

The Ladybird book "He-Man and the Asteroid of Doom" is interesting in that we see the character's wearing oxygen masks when piloting the Wind Raider's into outerspace. As Filmation followers will be all too aware breathing in space was something that the writers of both He-Man and She-Ra never really agreed on. In some episodes the characters could breathe in space, in other episodes they could not. At least the Ladybird books established where they stood!

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Kevin Martinell said...

This is so true, Busta, and one of the worst continuity problems of the series ... "Assault on the Hive" is so far-fetched, as much as I love the episode. He-Man not only can breathe in space, but he can stand still in midair, too!

While on the subject of oxygen masks, I liked the design of the mask that She-Ra used in "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday," which was one of her sword transformations, of course. :)

Is that Skeletor chasing He-Man in the Roton, in the background? He-Man has a look on his face like, "He's gaining on me!" Also, Teela's face is beautifully illustrated, here. :)

Thanks for reading and God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
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Daniel Quintero said...

I allways though that it was acordig to how deep in the space they were... may be there could be some "Oxigen Clouds" here and there... Any Way... Thats a nice point indeed and a great illustration!! some day ill get all the Ladybird books.

Thanks for sharing this on this great Blog that has reached (on Jan 2012) over 1250 post!

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