06 February 2010

The Cosmic Enforcer in the mud?!

Zodac was a character that was often handled well in his all-too-brief appearances. However, based on what the toyline originally instructed, in some canons Zodac was portrayed as one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors. "Pinnacle of Peril" a story from the one-shot Ladybird Masters of the Universe annual had Zodac working alongside Skeletor. It is amusing to see a character that was treated with such high regard in the animated series, reduced to frustratingly shaking his fists knee-deep in mud.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Ha, ha! Who would have thought we'd ever see something like this?! Plus, nothing beats watching Skeletor raising his fists in the air (Ex: "Capture The Comet Keeper"). :)
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

David Monid said...

Skeletor: 'He-Man, you idiot! Zodac is a neutral cosmic enforcer with a hairy chest! He isen't one of my evil warriors! How dare you treat him this way. Only I am allowedto show dis-respectto his minions! You get back here and retreve your neutral cosmic enforcer right now'!

Oh I can't help but imagine Skeletor yelling just that in the picture. :)

HB Potlood said...

Oh Zodac, what a disgrace you are to Cosmic Enforcers every where. Even the one with the goatee from the Golden Discs of knowledge whould have known better than this.

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