20 April 2010

Orko's comic strip #42

Almost every issue of the UK Masters of the Universe comic featured an Orko comic strip on the inside front cover. As this Blog continues I will try and feature all of them for your amusement. Here I present the "Orko the Magician" comic strip from issue forty-two. Orko has a craving for bean soup...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

1 comment:

Kevin Martinell said...

Those are some strange looking insects on the second panel. :) I love the color variety on the first panel, including the red and yellow designs that make up Orko's magical effects ... Orko also looks most like his cartoon version on the first panel, too!
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

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