12 July 2010

Orko on Etheria.

Here is a lovely panning shot of Orko on Etheria from the She-Ra season one episode "A Talent for Trouble". Many will recognize this background as one of the first images of Etheria we see in the first episode of the series "Into Etheria". I have always been a fan of this background, due to the fact that it not only showcases the different ways in which Etheria is designed differently to Eternia, but it also creates a sense of depth with the pathway that sprawls into the distance.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Dave Mullen said...

There's an incredible richness to it I agree, the backgrounds used on He-Man always caught the eye for that reason, but look close - is that a friendly gnome peeking out of the bushes on the extreme far left of the panel? :)

Kevin Martinell said...

Don't forget Loo-Kee. :) I just love this "edge of Whispering Woods" setting! James, given the pattern of Eternian characters who first appeared on Etheria, I wouldn't be surprised if you're tempted to Photoshop Teela and Man-At-Arms into this panning shot as the next "He-Man-related" candidates! :)
Thanks for reading! God Bless!

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