13 September 2010

Memories #3 - Key-Man?!

In an effort to make a note of all my He-Man and She-Ra childhood memories I've decided that every once in a while I will make reference to them here! There is no particular order to these; just amusing little anecdotes from years gone by.

When I was a child I had to have my tonsils taken out; I believe it was 1984. As a gift for "being so good" my parents bought me the UK Masters of the Universe annual; the first one released with all the prototype images within. There was a kid in my ward who stated unequivocally that He-Man was actually called "Key-Man"! This kid was not playing about; this was his genuine belief. I wonder at what point in his youth did he realize the mistake. Anyway, the sad ending to this story is that I took a Man-At-Arms action figure into the hospital with me, to keep me safe; sadly I forgot about him and left him behind!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

After reading the name, I could imagine any warrior wielding a giant key as a weapon! Prince Adam was the action toy that I left behind and lost ... Fortunately, I was able to get hold of another one, when they were still in stock. :)
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

Vinto-Man said...

my sister actually kept Slimer from "The Real Ghostbusters" in her bed when i was in hospital. Key-man i could understand with Gwildor but that would be it! funny the things that kids believe!

David Monid said...

That kid probably weren't ready for the appearence of Gwildor and his cosmic key, now that is the real 'Key-Man'. :D

Sorry to hear about your poor Man-At-Arms figure that got left behind, it's like you traded it for the annua in a matter of speaking.

Also sorry to hear that you have to had surgery, I've never had to though, because of my father I have this super immunine system of some kind. :D

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