18 September 2010

Memories #5 - He-Man's now a woman?!

In an effort to make a note of all my He-Man and She-Ra childhood memories I've decided that every once in a while I will make reference to them here! There is no particular order to these; just amusing little anecdotes from years gone by.

In the UK the debut of the She-Ra series was not the big deal it was made to be in the United States. "The Secret of The Sword" came out after the series had debuted, which was kind of confusing; especially as we never had the first five episodes that comprised the animated movie shown on our screens! The first time I distinctly remember seeing She-Ra was a trailer on ITV. I recall seeing the transformation sequence of Adora standing at Castle Grayskull being transformed into She-Ra. My first reaction was, "They've turned He-Man into a woman?!" For a number of days I was confused until the show finally aired! And just so you all know, the first episode to air in the UK was "Duel at Devlan".

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Danny said...

That's funny considering Skeletor's line: ..."a female He-Man."

Kevin Martinell said...

That's understandable based on what the fans were provided with ... Imagine thinking this after watching 65 or more episodes of He-Man? When I first saw "Secret of the Sword" in the movies, I was hoping that it would air on TV, and thankfully the fans were treated to a longer version of it for the first five episodes of the series. :) I was disappointed that He-Man was not a regular character in the She-Ra series, when "Duel at Devlan" first aired, but at least he made guest appearances in some of the episodes, so that was okay by me!
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
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Anonymous said...

Duel at devlan was the first episode aired in Argentina too, but Secret of the sword was premiered a couple months before in movie theaters, I think around christmas, and then around march next year the cartoon's broadcast on air tv started, they only played certain episodes of season one, not even the whole season I think, I'm almost certain that season two was never played.

HB Potlood said...

Ah yes, wasn't that 2 September 1985?
I remember Dawn from No 73 (Andrea Arnold) presented Children's ITV the week before and when the promo's for She-Ra were on, she said 'She's like He-Man, only better, cause she's a girl'.

Joni Koivisto said...

My first introduction to She-Ra was "A Christmas Special". Though I had no idea who Adora/She-Ra was. I just wondered who is that woman, who transforms like He-Man and has similar powers. I found out that She-Ra was He-Man's sister, when my father had rented one of She-Ra VHS tapes released (Contained episodes "Something Old, Something New" and "Loo-Kee's Sweety") and told about it.

David Monid said...

How convieneant that CITV skipped the first 5 episodes of She-Ra to go onto the sixth one. :D

I'll bet it was because of the movier being shown in select cinemas at the time, they didn't want to ruin the origin story of She-Ra for the movie going audience, which I guess is fair enough.

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