30 September 2010

Memories #9 - Chewed up!

In an effort to make a note of all my He-Man and She-Ra childhood memories I've decided that every once in a while I will make reference to them here! There is no particular order to these; just amusing little anecdotes from years gone by.

In my youth I had one particular video tape that had a bunch of He-Man episodes I had recorded during their first run. Well, one afternoon I taped "Things That Go Bump in the Night"; it was the last thing that I ever recorded on that tape. Shortly after recording the episode I went to watch it, but my Ferguson VCR decided to chew up the tape! My father and I took it to Must-A-Vision, the local video store, and they stated that not only was the video tape beyond repair, but so too was the VCR! I never forgave the Ferguson company...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

One of the worst feelings in the world! I can't stand when cassette players chew up tapes and you try to wind it back up like yarn!
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

Anonymous said...

I remember pressing tracking throughout "The Sea Hawk" episode, trying to get a clear image without any fuzz... it was the first one I had the chance to record and I watched it zillions of times, to the point that when I saw it again on dvd 3 years ago, I actually remembered some of the lines! (quite an acchievemente taking into account that as a child I taped a dubbed mexican version and when I saw it on dvd was in english. weird.)

Vinto-Man said...

Shocking story!! used to have a wrestlemania 8 tape that you couldnt record over and im sure this would have been the case for the he-man episodes i would have recorded.

David Monid said...

Furguson sucks! Ok they just suck, why get involved with a company like Thorn EMI, I tell you why, 'cause they suck.

I had the misfortune to come into contact with their TV's and they plainly suck! Anything with Ferguson on it, sucks, avoid them like the plague.

Though I'm sorry to hear about what happend to your tape, a simliar misfortune happend with my first copy of The Secret of the Sword.

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