12 December 2010

Secret Files: Sy-Klone #1

Here are the first three pages from an interesting origin tale from issue seventy-one of the UK Masters of the Universe comic. In this story we learn just how Sy-Klone came to be. Often I found some of the UK origin stories a little hard to accept, and sometimes even pointless. But on this occasion I actually thought this was a genuinely good and believable story! I actually really like his costume prior to become Sy-Klone...

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Danny said...

That's pretty darned cool. Although, his human form just reinforces the thought that lots of people have that he looks like He-Man. My four year old son saw the first page and said, "He-Man Daddy! He-Man!"
I hope they can use Dash-Shel as the real name for the new Classics figure.

Mosquitor said...

This is a GREAT origin! Much better than the 'mystical samurai warrior' nonsense we got in MYP. I hope the MOTUC bio for Sy-Klone goes with an origin like this one, this is the way he should be!

I'd love to see you post more about the UK comics origins you felt were pointless... Moss Man and Grizzlor's origins in the comics were definitely questionable, and Modulok's was downright abominable!

But Sy-Klone definitely got one of the greatest origins in the UK comics, by presenting him as a true rebel with a revolutionary spirit they really strengthened the character!

Kevin Martinell said...

This is a similar scenario to Mekaneck's story from "Search for A Son." During childhood, I always thought it would have been interesting if Sy-Klone was an evolution of Faker, since both of the action toys had blue skin!
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

Brett said...

I love seeing these "Secret Files" stories, and it's very interesting to see what tidbits are winding up in the MOTUC bios.

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