01 January 2011

This is YEAR SIX! :)

Welcome to YEAR SIX of The He-Man and She-Ra Blog! When I first started this Blog I had no idea it would continue for this long. I knew I could write about He-Man and She-Ra until the end of time itself, but a Blog requires a great deal of maintenance. Granted there were a couple of years when I had to focus on other projects and the Blog was not updated much, but last year proved that the Blog can update on a regular basis, thanks to automatic updates written well in advance! The beautiful thing about being a fan of He-Man and She-Ra is that just when you think you know everything, something new comes along; often from the past! Trust me; there are some amazing updates on the way...


Anonymous said...

I thank you for share all this knowledge
with all of us,
Long life to "the he-man and she-ra blog"!
Respect form a Mexican MOTU fan.

Kevin Martinell said...

Hope your New Year is off to a great start, James. :) All the best and God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)

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