11 February 2011

Mer-Man on TV.

Some illustrations, no matter how expertly executed they are, always make me chuckle. This illustration from "Castle Grayskull Under Attack!" reveals that Skeletor is not all that happy with Mer-Man. What I love about the artwork is the way in which Skeletor's fury is dramatically contrasted with Mer-Man's comical expression of fear!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Love the touches of sweat, which add to the villain's expression! This one reminds me of Mer-Man's scared expression near the end of the "Prince Adam No More" episode, when Beast-Man describes Skeletor as a "Loud Mouth." :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

David Monid said...

LOL at Mer-Man. 'Uh-Oh! Looks like I'm in trouble'!

I think he'll get a bunch of energy bolts blasted at him soon enough. :)

Geret said...

I used to feel that Mer-Man was totally the underdog of Skeletor's underlings. He always took the brunt. I remember a mini comic when he was even dying from an energy bolt of some kind? Poor guy.

Go Green at Battin said...

I can hear the rant the Skeletor giving to Mer-man.


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