04 March 2011

"A New Beginning" #1

Here I present the first four pages of the story that changed the life of He-Man in the UK Masters of the Universe Adventure magazine! "A New Beginning" marked the start of The New Adventures of He-Man and the magazine title was changed simply to He-Man. In this story we see how He-Man and Skeletor leave Eternia, amass their respective forces, and start their ongoing war in the Tri-Solar Galaxy! I remember the first time I picked this comic up in the shops and was shocked and saddened to see Prince Adam leave Eternia with Skeletor!

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Mosquitor said...

Overall this was a great start to the UK NA comic series. The UK comics were the only canon that seemed to portray a natural transition between the MOTU we were all familiar with, and the NA.

Although I was very excited when I first read this issue, I was also very surprised that everything in MOTU apart from He-Man and Skeletor themselves were being left behind in this new saga. It took me a while to accept that Grayskull, Man-At-Arms, Teela etc. would no longer be featuring in the story. I felt the departure from Eternia was a bit too quick as well, with no goodbyes having been said. But the scene of Skeletor announcing his surprise departure from Eternia is very dramatic and atmospheric, and you can really feel Prince Adam's shock at realizing Skeletor's scheme.

The bit that doesn't really work is the supposed plan to conquer Earth- although it's nice to see the comics accept the live action movie as part of the canon, Skeletor's reasons for wanting to conquer Earth are unclear and are quickly forgotten about later in the story. Still, it seems very believable that Skeletor would choose to set his sights elsewhere having seemingly accepted he will never be able to conquer Grayskull by himself, and I can't help but kind of respect him as he declares "I leave your world unbeaten"; a great piece of dialogue.

Grimbot said...

THIS is how NA He-Man should had been! :)

Kevin Martinell said...

The drama in this story cannot be beat ... Skeletor is confident and cocky as ever, in this scene! The variety of colorful planets displayed in these panels takes me back to my childhood days of coloring Easter eggs. :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Chris (He-Fan) said...

I must admit, as much as I love the New Adventures animated series, this "origin story" feels leaps and bounds ahead of that, bridging several elements of MOTU continuity into one great tale - the MOTU live-action movie, the classic MOTU, and the NA are all bridged together well here! :)

And yes, like Mosquitor I love how Skeletor declares that he's never truly been defeated - it's a great moment and really adds emotional weight to his and He-Man's conflict! :)

There are flaws with this story if you read the whole thing through carefully, but overall it's a great way to bridge the gap between the two continuities and reinforces what I've always said about NA, that at its best it enhances, rather than takes away from, the MOTU saga by adding a timeless quality to He-Man & Skeletor's conflict! :)

...And yes, this is probably the longest reply I've done for one of these blog posts! :)

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