02 November 2011

A brief review #017 - "Daimar the Demon"

As many of you will know, in 2010 I published The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. At 300+ pages the book features 700+ pieces of trivia, 460+ deleted scenes, 360+ examples of animation reuse, 380+ quotes, 50+ abandoned episodes, and a LOT more! It is the book that NO fan of the Filmation series can live without! BUY IT NOW!

As an incentive, here is my brief review and rating (as they appear in the book) for "Daimar the Demon"...

This episode, for all its promise, fails to deliver. One of the biggest problems is the pacing. There is an urgency felt when Daimar is released from the Dark Dimension, but as the episode progresses it becomes a series of random scenes tied together by the Sorceress' Book of Magic. The incidents where the heroes encounter the effects of the eerie mist almost seem pointless, and when Daimar finally appears, the urgency has all but gone. This episode also fails to convince us that Daimar and Orko formed a friendship strong enough for the demon to renounce his destiny of evil. When the sickly-sweet rainbow appears over Castle Grayskull at the end of the episode we are less than surprised. 4/10

Now, may I ask; what is YOUR rating?


Kevin Martinell said...

Oh, I thought that this episode was one of the better episodes of the series! All of the "strange things" that took place were dramatic and entertaining, like Skeletor's Havoc Staff becoming a snake! The brief scene with Evil-Lyn attempting to "take on" Skeletor was a classic moment, too! Daimar came across as one of the most evil and powerful creatures in the series, upon his arrival, but I thought that his friendship with Orko was touching, once He-Man and Orko gave him very important advice. I love the intense moment when Daimar exclaims, to Skeletor, "I choose my own destiny!" Even though the rainbow at the end was rather cliche, I still liked the scene, and the music played a major role depending on the mood of the various scenes.

One moment that was out of the ordinary was the scene where Evil-Lyn easily transported herself into the Royal Palace and paralyzed the King, Queen, and Man-At-Arms, so that she could take the book of magic for herself! Imagine how easy this would be for the villains if they tried to do this in any other episode to overtake the heroes?! Aside from that "far-fetched" moment, I thought that this episode was one of the classics. :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Chris (He-Fan) said...

This episode is the hardest for me to review objectively because I have more happy childhood memories attached to it than any other! :)

One of my favourite MOTU memories is when ITV started showing He-Man at 9:25am each weekday morning during the summer holidays - this was the very first episode that they showed, and I recorded each one every day. As my tape grew longer I'd go back to the beginning and start watching it through again, so I saw this episode more times than any other! :)

Even though the episode has its flaws, I also think it has lots of nice little character moments, and is a very good, solid episode - but again, I do confess to a bias!! :)

HB Potlood said...

I was wondering where Teela wasn’t invited to the Royal dinner. Maybe she was fasting or something. Turns out she was out playing with her stick. Probably practicing her throwing, too. Which came in handy at the end when she managed to toss an important and unique book all the way up to the turret window of Grayskull.

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