21 January 2014

FILMATION ART: Mountainous region.

For the last sixteen years I have collected He-Man and She-Ra animation artwork. As a result I have amassed a pretty large collection! Here I present a piece of original background artwork from the He-Man episode "Orko's Favorite Uncle". Sadly, this location was never given a name in the episode; the script merely referring to it as a "mountainous region". One of things I always liked about the backgrounds for this location is that the sky was painted a lot darker than the typical Eternian daytime sky. My theory for this is that the director wanted to create a somewhat stormy environment for this foreboding place that operated as Tauron's base of operations. I love the way in which the mountains themselves compliment the sky with their green hued color schemes, which can be seen clearly with this piece. Note that the ground is painted in a way so that it matches the mountains around it, but imbued with a blue hue to give it some distinction. The depth of this piece of artwork is pretty awesome, too. Surprisingly, this beautiful background was not used in the actual episode!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

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