19 January 2012

Wraparound differences #6

Here are some more examples of how the wraparound segment from "She-Ra Unchained" featured vastly different footage when retelling the events of "Beast Island". The images on the left are from the episode "Beast Island" showing Shadow Weaver taking the Sword of Protection from an unconscious Adora. However, as you can see in the images on the right, in the wraparound from "She-Ra Unchained", even though the first shot is the same, the special effects are not as exposed, and the second shot of Shadow Weaver holding the sword is from a less dramatic angle.

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Shadow Weaver's eyes make her look more angry in the image on the right, plus she is holding the sword the way He-Man does when he states, "I have the power!" :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Chris Sunday said...

OK, now as it's established later in both the movie and series. How is Shadow Weaver able to hold the sword? She later when talking about how both He-Man's Sword and Adora's sword are magical and when she touches one of them. It shocks her! Sorry, but always wonder about these things!

Buzz Chuck said...

It's so weird that the animation is not the same. They used the stock system and constantly used the same poses except for the one time when they really should have had the same art.

chosen1heath@me.com said...

I'm not sure what to make of these, since I don't watch much She-Ra. But from these images it appears that Shadow Weaver has discovered Adora's secret. (yikes!)

Daniel Quintero said...

1. She-Ra is laying oin a different place
2. shadow weaver's Shadow is darker!
3. in the second graph there is a different pose on shadow weaver in general (a different stock file)
4. the back ground on shadow weaver is different
5. The horde sign i shadow weaver is different
6. she is grabbing the sword in one and holding it the second one
7 the second sword was shining new (that's why it sparks Hehehehhe)

And this one is one of my favorite sections on this awesome blog that actually got over 1250 Posts on Jan 2012!

Nerd said...

Having seen the differences shown on your blog I went back to watch the tv episodes and realized that wrap arounds aside, there are story and editing differences too. I had assumed the eps were just the movie cut up. Thanks for posting the differences.

David Monid said...

I'm assuming Filmation did this as they didn't have the technology to duplicate the images exactily from the last episode.

Either that or they made it look unique, so they wouldn't appear like cheap skates. :D

SirBush said...

Again, I have no idea why they would re-do a shot that they surely already had in their stock footage. I also have no idea why I thought Sunday 29th January was next week... on with the comments! :)

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