05 February 2012

FREE animation art giveaway: The Results.

My FREE animation art giveaway which took place for seven days ended last Sunday. In total the "experiment" raised the awareness of this Blog and generated well over 1,900 NEW COMMENTS! I thought you would all be interested to see the people that achieved 50 or more comments, along with how many FREE cels they won! THANK YOU to everyone that took part. I hope you continue to post your comments on my Blog, even when there is no prize in sight! :)

ToonJukka - 308 comments - 6 FREE cels
HB Potlood - 194 comments - 3 FREE cels
Vinto-Man - 151 comments - 3 FREE cels
Tyler Baker - 121 comments - 2 FREE cels
David Monid - 119 comments - 2 FREE cels
Chris (He-Fan) - 115 comments - 2 FREE cels
Fabian - 105 comments - 2 FREE cels
Brett - 103 comments - 2 FREE cels
joseephus - 100 comments - 2 FREE cels
Chris Sunday - 60 comments - 1 FREE cel
Geret - 59 comments - 1 FREE cel
LJM - 59 comments - 1 FREE cel
Buzz Chuck - 54 comments - 1 FREE cel
Go Green at Battin - 53 comments - 1 FREE cel
Daniel Quintero - 52 comments - 1 FREE cel
SirBush - 52 comments - 1 FREE cel
Martn Olivero - 50 comments - 1 FREE cel


Brett said...

Congratulations to EVERYONE (especially Jukka, LOL)! And, first and foremost, thank you James for providing us with this wonderful site/posts!

Buzz Chuck said...

Wow, I'm impressed at how many comments some people posted. I can't wait to see what character is in the cel I won.

HB Potlood said...

Wow, I had no idea I had posted that many! If only I had posted 4 more... Haha! No, that would have been too much! Thanks a lot for the results and for this very generous competition in the first place. Now where should I post my adress?

ToonJukka said...

Congratulations to all those who participated!

I hope your blog raised some awareness or even got better hits with google-searches!

Joni Koivisto said...

Being busy with work was my downfall in this giveaway.

joseephus said...

Thanks for giving everyone a chance to own a piece of MOTU history, it was really kind of you. I look forward to reading all your future blogs James :-)

Fabian said...

This is wonderful. The number of comments posted is amazing. James, I appreciate The He-Man and She-Ra Blog, It is a wonderful site to comment about the rich history and legend of He-Man and the MOTU.
Please let me know how to provide my address or how to recieve the cels. Once again thanks for this wonderful site. It is very appreciated.

David Monid said...

I was posting to help raise awareness of the site. I'm honored to have wom 2 free cells, though I can't help but feel that these cels are rare and should be treated with the atmost respect. So I'll gracefully say thanks, but I think someone more worthy is more deserving of them.

But thank you anyway, and I will try and post here as often as I can...remember to do so. :D But thanks again.

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