15 February 2012

TV spot alternate takes #1

Prior to the debut of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe airing, two differing TV spots were created by Filmation in order to promote series. The cel sequences and backgrounds used in these TV spots primarily came from the episodes "Diamond Ray of Disappearance", and "The Dragon Invasion", as they were two of the first episodes to near completion! In this, the first of four posts, I shall highlight the notable differences between the footage used in the TV spots with the actual completed episodes themselves.

The first piece of footage we see in the two TV spots features what most would believe to be the same animation as seen in the introduction sequence. However, in the TV spot the background effects are different, and He-Man's mouth does not move, whereas in the sequence produced for the series it is synced to his dialogue.

On the left-hand side is the footage from the TV spot, while on the right-hand side is the footage as it was produced for the series.

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


joseephus said...

You never cease to amaze me with the stuff you show us. I never knew this. Thanks for sharing :-)

Miss M said...

Wow I am so in awe of all the stuff you know about He-Man and She-Ra. I look forward to the three other posts in this series about the difference between the tv spot and toon. I enjoy learning all these things that I would have no clue about otherwise. Keep up the amazing work!

Kevin Martinell said...

Wow, wasn't aware of this! I was always fascinated by the background to this as well as the following background used with the opening credits. :) ~"KevyGuy" :)

David Monid said...

An easier way to remember the differences is this; TV spot is orange, TV series opening is red, that and the whole mouth thing like you said. :D

You really are a keen eyed fan if you noticed that. I feel ashamed now.

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