27 May 2012


I have not featured a panning shot on this Blog in quite some time. So, here for your entertainment is one of the more creatively-illustrated pans of the planet Omiros from the season one He-Man episode "Orko's Missing Magic". What I love about this background is the sense of great depth achieved by the Filmation artists. My favorite part of the background is the left hand side in which we see a pathway, seemingly leading to nowhere, with two large planets visible through the clouds. In the episode Orko says that the terrain looks magical, and I for one have to agree with him!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Nuno Mata said...

This kind of art in the filmation cartoons always surprise me by the naturality and belivable sense that the artists imprint in every cenario.
Its still a fest for the eyes after all these years!

Kevin Martinell said...

Although in some way, this may seem like another part of Eternia to me, on account of the usual green skies, the scenery and objects that make up the setting really do make this look like another world! I love the color variety, and this time the variation of color doesn't just come from the rainbow alone. :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~KevyGuy :)

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