23 July 2012

King Tamusk's design.

Yesterday I mentioned how King Barbo, who appeared in the season two He-Man episode "The Shadow of Skeletor", had has his character model reused seventeen episodes later in "The Time Wheel" as King Tamusk. I also expressed my continued surprise that it was King Barbo that was designed first, when King Tamusk's presence in "The Time Wheel" seems to fit the character perfectly. Here I present the model sheet for King Tamusk. I will also state that I think this character's color scheme works a great deal better than King Barbo's. Throughout the many episodes of He-Man and She-Ra there were many examples of blatant character reuse. However, on this one occasion, I honestly believe that the character reuse was better than the design's initial appearance!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

In regard to the change in color, King Tamusk reminds me of a cross between a Viking and the WWE wrestler, "Sheamus!" I have to laugh at every time that I watch the episode for the scene where Tamusk tries to turn the crank to the Time Wheel: "Eh! Eh! Eh!" Ha, ha. :)

HB Potlood said...

Tamusk had no colour on his boots?
It's amazing the things you pick up thanks to your wonderful model sheets

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