14 July 2012

Snoozing at a picnic.

Bob Forward rarely put a lot of detail into his boards, but that did not mean they were less striking than the others. Every once in a while a panel in his storyboards would really jump from the page. This panel from the season two classic "Into the Abyss" shows the picnic scene featuring Prince Adam, Teela, and Cringer. It is a simple, but beautifully illustrated panel in which we see our heroes incredibly relaxed. Notice that Bob has not put every single detail into the character's costumes, which in this case results in Teela having a rather large bust!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Wow! The illustration of Cringer looks like the animation model sheet artwork. :) Teela reminds me of Lucy from "Charlie Brown" and Prince Adam reminds me of Link from the "Legend of Zelda" animated series!

Geret said...

And it has resulted in Adam looking a little on the chunky side. "Moobs" anyone?

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