19 August 2012

Coloring book #21 - A villainous Battle Ram?

During the eighties there were many Masters of the Universe coloring books, all of which featured a variety of artwork, with varying degrees of quality. Some artists put in a great level of detail, other artists simply copied model sheets, and some artists were just plain questionable. There were a batch of illustrations by one particular unnamed artist that I have a great affection for, mainly because the style is close to the cartoon, but bold enough to be identifiable as the artist's own! These images also showcased some pretty impressive scenes that I personally wish could have been seen in the Filmation series. In this illustration we see Trap Jaw driving the Battle Ram attacked by He-Man piloting the Wind Raider. This image brings up an interesting point that I have never really thought about. As we all know, the Heroic Warriors have Sky Sleds, which are the detachable parts of the Battle Ram vehicles. So where do the War Sleds used by the Evil Warriors originate from? If the War Sled is a near-perfect duplicate of the Sky Sled then where is the villains' version of the Battle Ram? This image would make sense that the villains have their own Battle Ram vehicles. On the other hand, Trap Jaw could have just stolen this vehicle!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Those are some good points, James. :) The image of Trap-Jaw without pupils in his eyes reminds me of his glowing eyes, when he ate the Eternium in "Double Edged Sword!" It also looks like He-Man is flying in a miniature version of the Wind Raider! :)

HB Potlood said...

It would be interesting to see this Battle Ram coloured in the style of the War Sleds. And howabout Trap Jaw having some legroom inside the Sled this time?

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