02 October 2012

Interesting nails!

Bruce Timm illustrated some of the best Masters of the Universe minicomics that came packaged with the action figures. By far one of the best was "The Terror Claws Strike!", which featured some of his most striking artwork. In this action-packed page, we see He-Man fighting Skeletor, who is using the Terror Claws to gain an advantage. Bruce always managed to make He-Man look heroic in every single panel; the second panel in particular is a perfect example.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

1 comment:

Kevin Martinell said...

That's true. Scary looking fingernails is more like it! Imagine Hordak having the ability to do this with his hands? :) Yet again, the different colored backgrounds, especially the pink, look amazing, and I also like the color and motion captured for the green gem that strikes the wall! :)

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