21 October 2012

Star Comics cereal:geek article #6

As many of you will know I continue to self-publish cereal:geek magazine; the one-hundred page glossy magazine dedicated to the cartoons of the eighties. I have incredibly talented individuals write articles for the magazine. However, when I required an article covering the Masters of the Universe comic book published by Marvel's Star Comics imprint I knew I had to write this article myself, given that I have such strong views on this series! As I have rarely covered the Star Comics series on this Blog I thought it would be good to showcase the article I wrote for the magazine across a group of posts.

So here I present the sixth part of the article...

One of the things that bothers me most about Star's Masters of the Universe comics are the amount of art errors. There seems to be an odd lack of consistency, which is strange as anyone who has seen Ron Wilson's art outside of this series will know that he is a fabulous artist. One of the most common errors is when Adam calls upon the Power of Grayskull; in many an issue the Sword of Power would inexplicably swap hands from panel to panel, during the sequence. The sword itself was often drawn in a variety of ways throughout each issue.

Issue six contains the most offensive art errors in the entire series. First though, let me explain. Throughout this issue (thanks to Mattel's product placement) Eternia is no longer the Royal Palace, but the expensive playset. We see that the Heroic Warriors now operate out of the Central Tower with the tramway that goes all the way to Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain. Yes, you read that correctly. Obviously to make their battles easier the heroes of Eternia made an agreement with Skeletor to build a tram that connected his lair to Castle Grayskull. Best of all in one image we see that the tramway goes straight into the mouth of Castle Grayskull!

Skeletor attacks the lone Central Tower with his Fright Fighter and so He-Man leaps aboard the Blasterhawk to fight back. We then get a two page spread showing the Blasterhawk exchanging fire with the Fight Fighter high above Central Tower. However, most confusingly we now see it surrounded by the many walls and buildings of the Royal Palace! This fantastical location only exists on this two page spread. On the following page we see the lone Central Tower once more, albeit with one new addition, a pit of green slime for Skeletor to fall into. As before, never seen in any other panel, the slime is another new addition to Central Tower.

To be continued...

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Kevin Martinell said...

Wow, maybe the heroes and villains can also make an agreement not to fight anymore. :) Forget about the phrase, "By the power of Grayskull! I command the drawbridge open," in this canon!

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