02 November 2012

Angry Lyn!

Andie Tong's artwork on the Rise of the Snake Men miniseries published by MVCreations is fantastic! Alongside beautifully action-packed panels Andie also found time to illustrate some humorous panels throughout the story, including this one of Evil-Lyn. Having been mocked by King Hsss, Evil-Lyn looks at him with pure hatred, but bites her tongue. The way in which Andie has illustrated her lips so that she is almost pouting is hilarious, as are her incredibly arched evil eyebrows! Even when she is mad, she is still beautiful, at least when drawn by Andie!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

James, I couldn't agree more, plus I like the detail of her angry eyes as well as the skull icon atop her helmet! :)

Rory said...

Ugh, reminds me too much of Jafar if he were a lady! LOL

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