10 November 2012

Star Comics cereal:geek article #10

As many of you will know I continue to self-publish cereal:geek magazine; the one-hundred page glossy magazine dedicated to the cartoons of the eighties. I have incredibly talented individuals write articles for the magazine. However, when I required an article covering the Masters of the Universe comic book published by Marvel's Star Comics imprint I knew I had to write this article myself, given that I have such strong views on this series! As I have rarely covered the Star Comics series on this Blog I thought it would be good to showcase the article I wrote for the magazine across a group of posts.

So here I present the tenth part of the article...

The two part "Lifetime" story that runs across issues twelve and thirteen is often heralded as one of the best Masters of the Universe stories ever told. And rightly so!

For the first time in the series we see Adam and King Randor engaging in meaningful conversation, Randor stating that he is pleased with his son taking an interest in affairs of state; the dialogue sounding a lot like something we could have heard in the cartoon. Page three of the issue is very clever as it foreshadows the story; in the three panels that He-Man appears in we do not once see his face; every shot of him is shown from behind.

Later, as Adam tells Man-At-Arms that he is tired of being He-Man, we are treated to some great dialogue, most notably Adam's declaration, "It's not 'I Have The Power!' Now 'The Power Has me!'" Adam's argument as to give up being He-Man is convincing to the point that we never truly question it, and to be honest, I found myself rooting for him to return the Sword of Power to the Sorceress!

Of course Skeletor shows up with a new plan. This time he has a bomb that will trigger itself upon picking up He-Man's brainwaves, and explode, sending the most powerful man in the universe into the future. Unfortunately for Skeletor Adam is in the room and the bomb sensing He-Man's brainwaves begins to count down. We are all horrified when Adam's sword disappears and again Caragonne writes Adam's despair beautifully. Adam journeys to the future and discovers a frightening world now ruled by Skeletor, as He-Man hasn't appeared in over thirty years. The best scene in the comic, and perhaps the series' history, occurs when Adam discovers his mother and father in Skeletor's dungeons.

In an incredible few panels Adam tells his parents that he and He-Man are one and the same. They are shocked as he proceeds to explain why he kept it a secret; "Please forgive me for keeping this secret from you. I love you both ... making you proud of me is all I ever wanted." As Adam leaves the dungeon Randor replies that he has always been proud of his son, "Never more so than I am today."

To be continued...

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Kevin Martinell said...

Wow, this part of the story seems to gather scenarios from the "Prince Adam No More" and "The Rainbow Warrior" episodes, as well as the first episode of "The New Adventures of He-Man," a story that any "He-Fan" would definitely enjoy! :)

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