16 November 2012

Star Comics cereal:geek article #11

As many of you will know I continue to self-publish cereal:geek magazine; the one-hundred page glossy magazine dedicated to the cartoons of the eighties. I have incredibly talented individuals write articles for the magazine. However, when I required an article covering the Masters of the Universe comic book published by Marvel's Star Comics imprint I knew I had to write this article myself, given that I have such strong views on this series! As I have rarely covered the Star Comics series on this Blog I thought it would be good to showcase the article I wrote for the magazine across a group of posts.

So here I present the eleventh part of the article...

As Adam departs we are treated to two wonderful panels in which we learn the shocking truth. Randor asks Marlena, "Do you think we should have told him?", to which she replies, "No ... I've always said that he'd tell us when he was ready. I knew that when I figured out his "secret" -- all those years ago", finally adding, "A mother knows." In those two panels Caragonne proves that not only does he enjoy referencing the cartoon (which hinted twice during its run that Marlena knew that Adam and He-Man were the same), but that he also actually cares about the comic he is writing, and not for one second is he writing down to the audience that his comic is clearly marketed for.

Just when we think things can't get any more difficult for Adam he finds the Sorceress who gives up her life to power a weapon, given to him by his father. As the Sorceress dies she whispers to the prince, "I will always be with you, my 'son'..." Adam's rage in the last panel on this page is perfectly illustrated by Ron Wilson.

The final few pages of issue twelve have Adam discovering his future self, and that Teela has now taken over the mantle of the Sorceress, though the years since the death of her father have left her cold and distant with little emotion. The issue ends beautifully with Adam heading towards Skeletor's towering obelisk which reads, "Here lies He-Man." In the fury of the storm Adam uses the laser weapon powered by the lifeforce of the Sorceress and rewrites the words of Skeletor's obelisk, "Skeletor lies!! He-Man lives!!!" in an effort to inspire the people of Eternia. The issue's last panel has the small band of heroes preparing themselves to fight Skeletor's evil head on.

To be continued...

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Kevin Martinell said...

Would have been amusing to see or hear the phrase, "Skeletor lies!! He-Man lives" somewhere in the Filmation cartoon. :) Can't get any more dramatic than reading about the Sorceress dying and Prince Adam's rage!

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